Tour Bogota Colombia

 !  Come and Stay with us in the beautiful city of Bogota, Colombia.

Stay with us in a great area of Bogota close to the city center. You will be staying in a beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 bath apartment in the Northern end of Bogota. While staying with us you will have a personal Taxi that will take you were ever you want to go inside of Bogota.

First I want to dispell any rumors that you have heard about Bogota Colombia. Don't believe what you see in the movies and on the Television and by the way you can't purchase Marijuana or Cocaine on the side of the road so don't worry. Bogota is as safe as any other South American country. Just remeber to pay attention to those around and listen to your personal taxi driver and shouldn't have any problems. If you plan to travel to the beach or far away from Bogota do it by plane. Locals say that the highways are safe to travel by car but don't chance it.

Will in Bogota you can visit Moserate, La Virgen de Guadalupe to take in the beautiful seinse of the city.

Most of the sights of the city are in the historic central neighborhood of La Candelaria. The Plaza de Bolivar is the principal square in the city and it is where the seat of both Federal and Local governments are housed. The buildings in the surrounding areas are built in the colonial style with wide-eaved balconies. Sitting on the main square, you may also see and visit the First Cathedral built back in the 1500's.

You can Visit many beautiful muesems such as the Mueseo Del Oro, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colección de Arte Banco de la República, Museo Nacional de Colombia and many more. You can travel an hour to Zipaquira to see the famous Salt Cathedral.

While you are in Bogota, Colombia you have to get out and see all of the beautfiul craft work that the locals create. The flee markets are wonderful and you can find anything you want at very reasonable prices.

Also you shouldn't miss the opportunity to see a great south american soccer game.

To reserve your space please call Dallin Wood. 801-550-0873 (USA) Se Habla Espanol, Je parle un peu du français.